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Stressful holidays

When planning doesn’t fall into place. My video explains a little.

The Money Drama video….

I had to go back to the basics of my existence.

Met with the new doctor today…

So he is not the surgeon I thought I was getting. He isn’t as confident as the guy in Hawaii.So when Doctor A**hole gets back from Hawaii, then let the proceedings began. The regular Ob/Gyn didn’t call in my medicine in the fear that she was being replaced. Well Mr. Annoying is pissed about that. So what if i was bleeding to death, I guess I can rely on my old family remedies to survived this Hemoglobin fight. Ain’t enough red meat in the world for me to eat today. So red blood cells hurry up and develop, I must survive this round. Eve Pierre where are your magical adventures with Semi we I need

I don’t want to bleed to death….

year. AlI I need is to find a hidden box of money or sell a lot of books by Eve Pierre, to finally get a much needed break from these demons around me. The stress causes the tumors to grow. Only an adventure would help this mess. I also bury myself in work for my new real estate business. So, is it money that I need or more peace? Now much filth is on my TV. This doesn’t make me feel much better. I don’t want to be programmed to love this mess.

Losing apart of myself…..

I had a regular period almost two weeks ago. Then afterwards had pain and a miscarriage. I was under the care of a physician that had me on medication to help me shrink cysts and tumors, but under the care of them, I lost the baby and nearly bled to death for days. I feel weak but was very weak two days ago. It’s scary and rather not have to see the surgeon or error physician that caused this, because he just wanted to cut. He has been wanting to cut for 2 years now because he didn’t accomplish cleaning out the tumor from before. the medicine they gave me cause a golf ball size to turn to a grapefruit and shrunk other organs inside. At moments, I feel like a lawsuit. 😦

The mysterious reincarnation of Liz..

She was my patient here and even was living in my house as my patient and I was her personal nurse. She had lost her mother several years before I met her in the nursing home. The case manager at the nursing begged me to get her from their premises. She and her daughter had no clue I was to be the new provider from this point on. I also had no clue to how long I would be involved in the case. I later found out after she cried herself to sleep several days and personally finding out she was kicked out of the nursing home, that she had a son and recently was divorced after she became ill. This was an interesting case but nevertheless, I was up for the challenge. Eve Pierre to the rescue and another adventure begins.

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